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Kiani Concept was proud to return to beautiful Stockholm, royal capital city of Sweden in late June to once again immerse ourselves in the Tirgan summer festival celebrations. In what has become a regular fixture in our diary, and something we always look forward to, we spent our third year beneath the blue skies and golden sunsets of one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, to come together and celebrate Tirgan. Tirgan is a celebration of Iranian tradition, and a coming together to enjoy the fashion, arts, music, food and dance that Iran has to offer; to share all those things with our fellow countrymen, keen to share their passion of our homeland and to the wider world, eager to learn about the traditions and arts of a nation with such rich wealth of history…
Kiani Concept jewellery and accessories once again had the pleasure of playing a major part in the festival, displaying our range of jewellery and accessories from this year’s range and showcasing our jewellery and accessory designs for 2018, after such a successful festival in previous years.

With around 20,000 visitors in our first year back in 2016, and a staggering 30,000 in attendance in 2017, this year kept up the trend with visitors, customers and friends old and new from every walk of life stopping by to admire our range up close: To feel the quality of our silk scarves and ties, and to see for themselves the intricate craftsmanship that goes in to every piece of our jewellery.We were hoping for the same in this summer’s festival and with so much interest, and so many visitors over the course of another incredibly successful festival; we were left exhausted, but also thrilled and energised for the coming year by another amazing experience. Just as in previous years, our designs and products are always inextricably linked to the themes of tradition and culture that Iran is renowned for. So we share those feelings of interest and that love from our visitors. They are all expressed through the design and creation of our products. The history of our nation means a lot, but so does the fashion of today, and with a range of products that combine the traditional and the contemporary, the energy that drives us forwards is the sense of heritage and tradition of the past. That very same positive energy was something we took from everyone we engaged with in Stockholm. The complements we received for our increasingly popular jewellery and fine accessories and the love and interest everyone displayed for our homeland was something we were thrilled to take away with us.

The fact that it all happened amongst the sights, the sounds and the aromas of our nation made it even more memorable.It is always inspiring to meet and connect with others, to share a common love of everything Iranian, to see so many smiles, and hear so many positive words for the things we create. The Tirgan summer festival is celebrated all over the world, every year. At Kiani Concept, once again we have a busy year ahead, full of plans and ideas for the future. One thing is for certain though; we cannot wait for next summer, and the 2019 Tirgan summer festival, it’s a date that is already in our diary!

Here is a brief highlights clip from Tirgan from our YouTube channel

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