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Many things can define a nation, a people and a way of life, for some it might be food, for others it might be music, whilst some others might think of a famous building or landmark. At Kiani Concept we asked ourselves this same question. Which single thing more than anything else brings us together, gives us a sense of pride and belonging in our shared history? The answer came to us easily; The Pahlavi Crown, right there and then the idea to recreate it was born.
It is a massive responsibility to recreate such a sacred piece of Iran’s history and few things in Iranian culture are as instantly recognisable and iconic. The emblem of the crown is adorned on many of our jewellery and accessory ranges, but to recreate the crown itself would take something more, something special and our finest design and craftsmanship to date and it is with great pleasure and pride that we can unveil the Pahlavi Brooch in the year of our late king’s one hundredth birthday.
The Pahlavi Brooch is as almost as intricate and beautiful as the crown itself, the frame is perfectly recreated in intricate miniature form. The emeralds, over three thousand diamonds and the unique 60ct yellow diamond sunburst in the Pahlavi crown’s centre have all been skilfully replicated in exquisite miniature form with over one hundred fine beads and two hundred and fifty precious Swarovski crystals. While the original crown sits in Iran’s national jewellery museum loved and admired by so many people every day, the Pahlavi brooch is something altogether more intimate, for anyone in the world to enjoy and wear with pride; an iconic symbol of history and a true thing of beauty which we are proud to share with the wider world. The Pahlavi Crown Brooch takes its inspiration from history, just the same as we, at Kiani Concept have taken our own inspiration from the Pahlavi Crown and our nation’s royal family many times before.

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