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What is a ring…?

The most powerful symbol of all…

Something small that represents something very big perhaps, wherever in the world we come from we have worn them for millennia as a symbol. That symbol might be everlasting love, commitment or trust. Then again it might be loyalty, to let others know the things and people who mean the most to us. These symbols, much like the ring itself never end, going round in a circle… A band without beginning or end, one life shared.

The sweetest stories that have ever been told lie in the circles of silver and gold. This is the ethos at the heart of our latest product range. To celebrate the majesty of life, love and devotion, we can think of no better name for it than the Majesty Ring collection. Designed for everyday life in both men’s and women’s styles, they are rings with a difference, whispering a message that the whole world can hear.

This is who I am…and these are things closest to my heart…

The men’s ring comes in three different precious metals; gold, silver or rose gold plated. Each has its own unique, stunning colour and each is crowned with the pride of the Iranian crown jewels itself; the Pahlavi crown. The men’s ring combines masculinity with passion and style, its band is wider, its edges more defined. The women’s ring is smaller and infinitely more feminine with even more intricate detail to the crown. Like the men’s it is also available in gold, silver and rose gold plated and is set with eight white crystal stones on the band’s lower face and eight on the upper face, creating a stunning, eye catching piece to wear on special occasions and intimate moments alike.

Our new collection is available separately but also together as a matching his and hers couple’s set and represents the perfect way to celebrate love, loyalty and a never ending bond between you and the one you choose to share your life with…
Our Majesty Ring collection is a union of incredible design and peerless craftsmanship. Letting you celebrate your own union of love, each ring is made to be embraced and worn by those who share life, love and style with that unique, special person with whom we make the journey with hand in hand every moment of every day. For more information on the Majesty Ring collection, as well as the many other products, visit the Kiani Concept onlineboutique.

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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