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At Kiani Concept we are often asked what inspires us to design and create the accessories we share with the world. Our answer is always the same; the single thing that defines us, binds us all together and gives us pride and belonging, Our Heritage. For some it might be food, music or a famous place, yet for us it is all those things and so much more, it is the land of the Lion and the Sun. So, when we sat down to decide on our next piece, we quickly realised; what better to craft than a brooch of such exquisite detail, Swarovski Crystals, sumptuous gold, emblazoned with the motif that to us means home, The Lion and Sun Brooch.
Creating such a thing comes with an immense sense of responsibility though, as few iconic things in Iranian life mean so much to so many people. We could have used a whole range of materials to create the brooch, with the flag of our beloved homeland on which the Lion and Sun rest. However we needed something special, something that would take time, skill and craftsmanship… something that few others would even dream of attempting.
That is why the Iranian flag on the Kiani Concept Lion and Sun brooch is crafted from a staggering 221 individually set Swarovski crystals. The effect was to create a flag which is simply sublime, the greens are striking, deep and lustrous, the whites shimmering pure and eye catching, the reds rich and deep and sitting proudly upon this very special flag, in pure shimmering 24ct gold plated we have it…The Lion, with sword held aloft and the Sun.
The symbol of our home since time beyond memory in wonderful three dimensional detail, standing 3.5cm x 2.5cm with a depth of 0.4cm it is secured with two strong butterfly pin locks to stay exactly where you need it to, for as long as you want. The Lion and Sun Motif doesn’t just take its inspiration from Persian history, it is an important part of our history itself and while we cannot pretend to play such an important role in our country’s story, we have certainly taken much inspiration from it to create one of our finest, most intricate pieces yet. The Lion and Sun Brooch’s release is planned to coincide with our celebrations for Yaldā Night, the longest night of the year, a time when our friends, families and countrymen come together to celebrate, read the poetry of our nation and enjoy good food and good times. For us at Kiani Concept, there will be another reason to celebrate, with the creation and sharing of one of our most beloved pieces to date.

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