“The KC Turquoise collection”

The designs that you begin with always have a special place in your heart…Five years have flown by so quickly, yet it was then that some of our very first designs left the pages and became something more, something real and as our organisation grew, so did our reputation. Five years on from that incredibly special time in our history, our new collections have built on those early, iconic designs, building on them in a special way, whilst still maintaining the feel and style of the originals. Into them, we have poured our passion, our creativity and most of all, our love for our nation’s heritage and finally we are thrilled to present them to the wider world.
The Crown cufflink and pin collection stand proudly in a heavier, more luxurious form with more intricate three-dimensional detail and finest Swarovski crystal detailing on the sides and the slightest touch of turquoise. The Lion and Sun cufflinks follow a similar path, now thicker set with enhanced multi dimensional detail and once again, a precious turquoise stone set on the reverse side. Additionally, we have also designed and crafted a unique round design cufflink with the Lion and Sun motif beneath the Pahlavi crown shining golden against a jet black finish, once again with the turquoise lotus flower detail on the reverse side.We are also proud to offer this incredible new round design in turquoise, as well as black to suit every possible occasion and every sense of style.
For the perfect finish in the daytime or evening, our brand new silk tie continues the turquoise theme, crafted from the finest quality materials and proudly showcasing the Lion and Sun motif woven in intricate silver patterning, with unique strands of green, white and red angled along its base. Unique, stylish and made with the very same pride you will wear it with…For the ladies, we have something just as special, a range of bracelets that are as stunning as they are unforgettable. Each features the Pahlavi crown, each feature a touch of turquoise stone and every single one features the iconic, beautifully engraved lotus flower behind the crown, a special secret that only the wearer knows.
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All of our new cufflinks, pins and bracelets are available in a range of finishes, gold, rose gold, silver and gun metal and each comes uniquely and beautifully gift boxed for the perfect finishing touch to a range that you will love. You may notice the theme that runs through each and every product in our new range is that of turquoise, a colour with Persian history, deep beauty and eternal style… A colour that holds a special place in the hearts of all who love our country.For this reason, we are delighted to introduce to you The Turquoise Collection, a perfect evolution of everything that came before and a collection that will hold a special place in all our hearts for many years to come.

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