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At Kiani Concept we believe that style and pride are both things you cannot leave at home, you carry them with you and they define you making you who you are, wherever your travels may take you…Those senses of style and pride are very personal, yet can be there for all to admire; in the things you say, the way you choose to look and most importantly; the choices you make. Not so much about shouting from the rooftops, it’s something understated yet far more effective, and at Kiani Concept our contemporary range of jewellery and accessories does just that.
None more so than our latest creation, The Imperial Iranian Passport cover, something that deserves to be seen the world over. The design is inspired by the pre revolution passport design prior to 1979, to a different era of fashion and style, a time when the Iranian passport was held in the same esteem as its British and American counterparts. In the design and materials we chose there is a strong feeling of nostalgia, and of imperial pride.
The inspiration for its conception came from the most unlikely of sources; a chance find by our founder and leader Saman Taherpour, he came across an old passport from a member of his family from that era, and what followed was like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky…
This is a powerful symbol of a time long passed… We need to show these to people once again!
And that is exactly what we set to work to achieve, using the finest quality buffalo leather, in black or brown, the imperial passport cover comes in a standard size for use with any nation’s passport. Its bi-fold style opens out to reveal a compartment on the right hand side for secure storage of your passport, the left hand side is dedicated to the things you need when travelling. There is a deep section for boarding cards etc and ample space for up to four bank or credit cards. The stitching is fine and strong; the front is emblazoned with the traditional lion and sun motif, the Pahlavi crown and the words ‘Imperial Government of Iran, Passport’.
The imperial passport cover will come presented in its own dedicated gift box, black with gold lettering, but don’t let it stay in there for too long. It was crafted to be used, loved and shown with pride, it will age beautifully and we hope; will accompany you across the world. Have good travels and remember; he who lives sees but he who travels sees more…

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