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Do you want to feel like royalty?

Most ladies do. It’s a lofty goal to aim for, but with the right jewellery, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility.To celebrate the story behind the earrings, we go to a topic that is the same for common folk and royalty alike – love. The love between a man and a woman, between them and their country, and a love of service.

Inspired From Devotion

It has been said that these earrings have been created from a design of the most incredible standard. A new crown was to be forged for the empress. Going to the sacred tradition laid down for the construction of a crown, the gems can only be selected from those which were safely stored in the Imperial Treasury, and they were never permitted to leave Iran. So instead, the designer(Van Cleef & Arpels )selected the chosen jewels with such care and attention, spending 6 months inside the treasury itself, forging the crown under the highest levels of security, building an offering worthy of royalty. It was a beautiful monument to everything that had been created solely to appease the gods. It was a perfect creation, and one which was forged from devotion from the highest order.
This ravishing pair of pierced earrings with 84 Swarovski crysals and solid 925ct silver frame is a striking example of expert craftsmanship and faceted brilliance. By its very nature eternal love must have a past, a present, and a future, and this pair of stunning pierced earrings has been conceived with that romantic concept in mind. The design is Inspired by everlasting beauty,Empress Farah Pahlavi coronation crown. Each earring is highlighted by several stones in square, round, and oval shapes, while white, red, and green hues reflects incoming light brilliantly into a spectacular display of sparkles. An outstanding choice for special occasions, particularly when combined with matching Empress crown brooch.

Earrings For You

If you seek these beautiful earrings for yourself, based on the incredible crown, we would not blame you. They are simply stunning, testaments to exactly what can be accomplished if people are willing to explore all of the options. These really make you feel like a queen. That’s the point here, that’s why we do things, so you can feel like a queen. You deserve to feel fantastic, especially when you’ve got new earrings to wear. There are few which are so ornate or so beautifully crafted. There are a few which quite match the atmosphere of looking fantastic as this. These were made for royalty, there’s no question of that. The only question is, will you put them on, and see what the fuss is all about?
To summarise, there’s no doubt that these are some beautiful options. They’re wonderful earrings. They make you feel like a Queen, like royalty, and their inspiration was a royal story for the ages. Someone secluded themselves for six months to make the magic design possible. That’s such a long time, and it’s created such a beautiful result. It’s easy to see why these are desired. They look fantastic, they feel stunning and you do genuinely become like royalty when you wear them. They would be a gorgeous present for anyone, which is what makes them so desirable.

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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