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It is a rare thing in these modern times to enjoy the bespoke quality of a handmade product in everyday life. That is something we at Kiani Concept always seek to change and The Imperial Card Holder does exactly that. With it, we have combined traditional materials and craftsmanship to deliver a slim and stylish card holder you can carry every day but which you’ll never take for granted. The material that we choose to craft all of our accessories is a vital part of the creative process, simply because tradition and history are both important parts of our ethos. For a bespoke leather product such as this, that could only mean the finest Italian cowhide leather, worked on by artisans who are masters in their trade. They undertook the responsibility of fitting our cardholders together, then punching and stitching them using traditional two-needle, double stitching techniques to deliver both strength and eye-catching style. Even the thread itself is the best possible quality wax threads, guaranteeing style, reliability, and years of proud use for the person who carries it. If the materials and techniques used to create The Imperial Card Holder are time-honoured and traditional, then the design is truly contemporary and made for the needs of today.

The Imperial Card Holder was designed to be spacious and versatile, featuring slots for four cards and the space you need to carry more if needed. There is a generous central compartment too, for banknotes, extra cards and anything else you need to carry, safely and securely. The Imperial Card Holder is stylish and slim at just 7.5 x 11 x 0.5cm in size but each one is crafted to last and hold safely, those things you need close-by every day and like all the finest handmade premium leather goods, it will look even better as time passes by.

The finish is a rich deep polish by the same artisan hands which crafted them as the perfect finishing touch; this preserves the leather and the stylish, soft qualities it has. There are a range of colours available too, each specifically chosen to suit a range of individual tastes, The Imperial Card Holder is available in caramel beige, chocolate dark brown, navy blue and burgundy red. Finally, though, and perhaps most importantly of all; there is even more to The Imperial Card Holder, besides the best materials, the finest craftsmanship and peerless, stylish design.

The history behind the concept

Each card holder is presented with a unique and historic fire-branded design with the front side displaying an intricately detailed depiction a moment in time worthy of commemoration and a special place in all our hearts: The coronation of His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Farah Pahlavi on October 26, 1967. Upon the face of The Imperial Card Holder both are depicted taking part in their momentous and historical day. Her Imperial Majesty is seen wearing the Van Cleef & Arpels crown commissioned for the occasion and His Imperial Majesty, wearing The familiar Pahlavi Crown, studded with 3.380 diamonds. Both are seen together, forever embossed into a product you will own with love and use every day with pride. The reverse side of each card holder is hallmarked with our very own Kiani Concept logo. Each of these stylish, luxury card holders is presented in its own bespoke gift box to create the perfect finishing touch for something you will be forever pleased to own, impressed to carry and proud to pass on to future generations.

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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