About the design:

The Iranian Lion and the Sun flag, with more than 3000 years of history, is a symbol of Iran´s unity,and her glorious past.

The lion symbolize Iran. In Persepolis it is clearly shown that while the lion represents Iran, other animals represent other countries.

The sun, represented by the women, is a symbol of both Anahita, the goddess of the waters and the rain, and Mitra, the daughter of Anahita.

The sword has a special place in Iranian culture and is the symbol of power and bravery.

The green color of the flag symbolizes the green forests of the northern Iran.

The white color symbolizes the Iranian desert, while the red color symbolizes

the warmness of the sun in the south. These three colors have for long been used by Iranians.

At the end it is important to point that our beautiful green, white and red flag, with its striking lion and sun emblem, have never been a symbol of any political group or a specific ideology.

It is solely the symbol of Iran and our proud heritage.

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Material / Print:

  • 100% pure Silk.
  • Hand made.
  • Digital painting with high resolution print.


  • 90x90cm.


  • It comes in a very special luxury scarf gift box.