The crystals Pahlavi dynasty crown brooch. Handmade and intricately crafted jewelry made with the finest materials. The brooch is decorated with over 250 Pcs of natural crystals stonesand beads mirroring the crown itself. The frame is gold plated and designed to sit perfectly on a wide range of differently clothing with a  secure safety pin on the reverse.

About the design:

Commissioned in 1925 by the Pahlavi dynasty with a frame of gold and silver, set upon the finest red velvet, the crown is emblazoned with a staggering 3,380 diamonds, the largest of which lies at the center, a 60-carat yellow diamond forms the heart of a sunburst of white diamonds. Reaching 30cm in height and weighing over 2 kilos, 369 of the finest pearls and five impressive emeralds sit upon the apex of the crown on display at Iran’s National Jewelry Museum.

The real crown made by Iranian jewelers, under the supervision of  Haj Serajeddin Javaheri.





Material / Colors:

  • 24ct Gold plated frame.
  • 115 pcs Natural crystals stones.
  • 56 pcs beige color beads.


  • 6cm High, 4cm Wide, 0.4cm Thickness.


  • 18 Grams


  • Elegant and luxurious jewelry black and gold color velvet box .