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Silk scarves have been around since the dawn of modern times. As far back as 230 B.C when Chinese warriors used them to show rank, they are an accessory that has endured through time, fashion and trends, with as much style and finesse today as at any time throughout history, and with a grace that is timeless and a reputation that speaks for itself. At Kiani Concept our ethos is to be a part of history, and to us, these are more than just words. We craft many fine products that help us achieve that, none more so than our hand-made silk scarves. A range that speaks of pride, style and history, with images, symbols, colours and patterns that show unity, a glorious past and a look forward to the future and the possibilities that come with it.
Kiani Concept

Pahlavi Coat of Arms Scarf

Kiani Concept’s best selling scarf is without doubt The Pahlavi Coat of Arms scarf. Crafted from the finest 100% pure silk, in stunning traditional azure- the colour of the Imperial family, a beautiful design available also as a silk handkerchief, for both men and woman to wear and use with pride. As well as being visually stunning, and incredibly evocative, the coat of arms on this scarf has real meaning. Designed in 1932 and revised in 1971; The Pahlavi coat of arms, those of the present Shahanshah, which occupy the centre of the scarf, contains in itself; something of a history of Persia. The centre of the circular shield depicts a sun rising behind Mount Damavand. The country’s highest mountain and the same motif occurs again in the insignia of the order of Pahlavi, Persia’s highest decoration, which is suspended below the Arms. At the top of the shield, to the right, is the winged figure of Ahuramazda, Wise Lord and Supreme God of the Achaemenians and beneath appears a Simurgh, amythical bird popular as a symbol of good fortune with the Sassanians (AD224-642). Top left in the shield is the Lion and Sun, the emblem of Persia and beneath, symbolizing Islam is Dhu’l Figar, the sword of Ali, the First Imam. The Pahlavi Crown surmounts the shield which is supported by Persian lions.
The imperial motto reads “He commanded me to be just and He is Himself the Judge”.

Talent is good,
practice is better, passion is best.

Pahlavi Coat of Arms Handkerchief

Kiani Concept’s Coat of Arms scarf won approval recently, from the highest possible source when we were invited to the Washington home of The Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi. No greater honour exists for us, as a proud and patriotic company than to be able to talk to someone so illustrious and knowledgeable about the history of Iran, and the unique fashion and cultures of its people, The Crown Prince was both incredibly friendly and wonderfully welcoming, and was incredibly generous with his time in a meeting that both inspired us and energised us to continue playing our part in history. Of course, Kiani Concept bought many gifts, and amongst them was Kiani Concept’s Lion and Sun flag, which to our delight and great honour, his Royal Highness placed on display in his office.

Kiani Concept’s Coat of Arms scarf also won the royal seal of approval, as can be seen from the pictures, his Royal Highness ‘appreciation of our work and his encouragement for us to continue with our vision means that we will do just that, continuing to create the very finest products and provide the very best levels of service.

The fight for freedom must go on until it is won;
until our beloved country is free and peaceful.

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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