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If life is like a book, then what would be its theme? Might it be love, adventure?A story filled with pride and tradition?

Perhaps life is a book of many chapters, and many different themes… At Kiani Concept our latest chapter inspired us to design and craft the finest jewellery that not only looks outstanding, but also engenders those feelings of love, cultural pride and tradition. We feel blessed to be a part of a nation with such a wealth of history and culture, but we don’t want to stand on the sidelines and admire that from afar, we want to dive in, to celebrate it, and play a part in its story that is yet to be written. What better way could there possibly be do that, than through our designs? In the very things which we create, fine items that deserve their place in contemporary culture, inspired by the chapters of the past, but also looking forwards…
Our new range of bracelets and earrings do exactly that, telling the love story between us, our nation and its history and people, and like all good stories, it is a story meant to celebrate and to share. Both earrings and bracelets are crafted in brass, and available in plated 925ct silver, or the finest plated 24ct gold. The earrings are understated, and elegant, simple yet intricate, for a style that doesn’t need to be screamed from the rooftops, measuring (10mm x 9mm x 2mm) with a push back rear, they will catch the eye for all right reasons. The bracelets, also crafted in brass and available in plated 925ct silver or plated 24ct gold, are similarly styled, eye catching but understated, giving confidence in one’s fashion and pride in a culture and history we love. Both bracelets are 18 cm long and fully adjustable, set with an intricate design and turquoise stone that represent the colour of Iran.

That isn’t all however, there is more…When we speak of love and pride, to us these are more than mere words, what emblem could we choose for these new pieces; to share the way we felt, the way you feel? What emblem could be fitting of our desire to celebrate our nation and all that we love about it? The beautiful Pahlavi Crown…The beloved centrepiece of the Iranian crown jewels itself was the emblem we finally chose, the earrings follow its intricate design perfectly, the bracelets are set with five crowns with measuring (14mm x 12mm x2mm) along their length, the perfect choice, the perfect emblem, ornate and beautifully realised; to represent a love story that time cannot diminish. These unique new pieces will be available as individual items, and will be presented in the finest luxury packaging, to keep them safe and treasured today, and for the future. Our own story continues, with love and with pride in the pieces we design to let you be a part of it too. Our new range of earrings and jewellery is the latest chapter of that story, and one we would love you to share in.

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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