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Kiani Concept was proud to return once again to beautiful Stockholm, royal capital city of Sweden in early July to once again be a part of the Tirgan summer festival.What better place to be than in one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, to come together and celebrate the ancient Iranian tradition of Tirgan. The summer festival is dedicated and refers to how Iran and Turan, two long-standing enemies, decided to declare peace by drawing the boundaries between the two empires. Arash, the best archer in the Iranian army, was chosen to ascend Mount Damavand to shoot an arrow, with the landing location determining the boundary. Iranians watched in hope as the arrow flew from dawn until noon, expanding the boundaries of Iran beyond all expectations. What resulted was the inclusion of many diverse cultures throughout the territory of Iran. Tirgan became a celebration of that diversity.A celebration of Iranian tradition, and coming together to enjoy poetry, music, food and dance, to showcase all that our homeland has to offer.
Kiani Concept

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Kiani Concept jewellery and accessories once again had the pleasure of being there, sharing in the celebration, and showcasing our jewellery and accessory designs for 2016, after such a successful festival the previous year. With around 15000 visitors in 2016, we were hoping for the same in this summer’s festival and with so much interest, and so many visitors over the course of another incredibly successful festival; we were certainly not left disappointed with over 25000 and great sunny weather. We met, and talked with so many people, whether young or old, men and women, both fellow Iranians keen to share their love of our homeland, and locals and tourists, eager to learn more about one of the richest cultures and traditions in the world, and to sample the sights and sounds, our art, our music, our dance, and our food.

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Our designs and products are inextricably linked to these same themes of tradition and culture, so we shared these feelings of interest, and love for what we do, all showcased through the designs and inspirations of our products, playing our part in the history of our nation, with a range of products that combine the classical with the modern, the history and the future. The positive energy we took from everyone who visited our stand, the complements we received for our jewellery and fine accessories and the love and interest everyone displayed for our homeland was something we will take with us, something that never fails to energise us moving forward. It is always inspiring to meet and connect with others, to share a common love of everything Iranian, and to hear so many new ideas, and feel so much love for the things we create, The Tirgan summer festival is celebrated all over the world, every year. At Kiani Concept, we have a busy year ahead, with many goals and ideas for the future, but one thing is for certain; we cannot wait for next July, and the next Tirgan summer festival.

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