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A home, far from home…

We had planned it months in advance and finally… The time arrived to cross the Atlantic and spend a very special week in Toronto, Canada in late April. The reason for our visit; to bring our very own Jewellery and accessory exhibition inspired by Persian art history to one of the city’s finest and most exclusive venues… As it turned out, it was worth the wait as one of our most successful events ever took Toronto by storm and gave everyone a taste of Persian history and the things we create in celebration of it.
Our silk products adorned the walls, our jewellery and accessories were showcased in carefully created displays glittering in the lights and with the Pahlavi crown grabbing everyone’s attention. It all felt right, it all looked perfect… Right there and then, all the months of planning, all the hard work paid off.

We knew we had created something wonderful…

Special thanks must go to the staff of one of Toronto’s finest banquet hall, The Persian Palace and its owner Saeid Yasseri who threw open the doors to his VIP areas and made us feel loved and welcomed, nothing was too much trouble for him and his skilled and friendly staff. Kiani Concept could not have dreamed of a better location for our luxury exhibition, a stunning building combining the architecture and decor of Persepolis with modern yet traditional touches and ambience, a tranquil place for inspiration and memorable times, the perfect place to showcase our products.
And that is exactly what we did amongst Toronto’s city of soaring night lit skyscrapers, a city which is a lot different from home, but a place with people who made it feel very much like home. Perhaps because our exhibition was such a resounding success with record numbers of visitors of every generation and every background admiring our designs and learning about who we are and why we do what we do.
Our exhibition quickly gained a reputation as the place to be for those three, unforgettable days and nights. So much so in fact that we have decided to make Toronto, and The Persian Palace in particular our home away from home and we can proudly announce that they will host our very first permanent showroom in the world, meaning anyone can browse our jewellery, designs and accessories and make purchases directly.
This is an exciting new chapter for all of us at Kiani Concept as our founder Saman steers us in to new and exciting places, as we make friends further afield and bring our KC boutique to the international stage, honouring Iran and its golden age through design, the finest materials and a rich, cultural heritage that is now displayed permanently in a place that, despite being far away, felt a lot like home.

Here is a brief highlights clip from KC exhibition

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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