“KC Ariamehr Neckties Collection”

Sometimes, the best things take time.

But sometimes, that wait is worth it, to make certain that something is perfect in every single way, from the initial concept, through to the journey of design and finally to be crafted with pride and showcased to the world, with every single detail perfect.
With our new KC Ariamehr Necktie Collection, this has certainly been the case, and now finally we are ready to share them with the world, along with the reasons why we feel they are so special.
Our necktie range began life, as all things do with an idea, a way to display your style and class and, as with all our products; a way to make a statement, about you and the things you hold dear. But from that point we didn’t just press ahead, we evolved the idea over the course of the next year and a half, perfecting the colours, improving the designs and making the decisions needed to craft the perfect product range, free of any compromise.
And so…After much time and hard work comes an exciting new chapter for Kiani Concept; a range of six neckties of unsurpassed quality, timeless style and with the approval of Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi.
The Blue Crown, and The Rose Crown range display the Pahlavi crown with diagonal stripe detail. The Red Lion and The Blue lion range offer bold contemporary colours with a diagonal, intricately crafted lion and sun motif. The Coat of Arms necktie, available in navy and light blue showcases the Pahlavi imperial coat of arms in all its symbolic glory. Finally, the Flag necktie range, available across a range of colours is a bold and traditional statement, and an essential addition to any wardrobe.
All of the ties in our new KC Ariamehr Necktie Collection are crafted of the very finest silk with the patterns and emblems worked into the fabric itself, not printed. Whether in the office, at official engagements or at social events the diversity of our range, our style and choice of colours and themes gives you the widest possible choice and the best possible opportunity; to showcase your style, your fashion and your sense of pride and heritage.
Each necktie in our unique collection features a turquoise reverse, emblazoned with our own Kiani Concept logo, and each is lovingly presented in our bespoke black and gold luxury packaging.
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Sometimes, to create something that is truly timeless, it is often worth taking that extra time to work hard towards the perfect goal. At Kiani Concept we believe that when you see, feel and wear any of the neckties from our exciting new range, you will know exactly where that time went, and how well it was spent.
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