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At Kiani Concept our motto is “Be a part of history”. To us that is much more than a sales gimmick, or a catchy slogan, it’s more than just words, it’s a perspective, something at the heart of everything we create…From pendants, pins and cufflinks, to our scarves and handkerchiefs. Our passion lies in creating the finest jewellery and accessories, and our pride and honour lie in creating those things with a sense of national heritage and cultural pride. To create jewellery and a range of accessories that, not only look and feel good, but also engender a sense of history and a deep connection to what came before, as well as a look forward to what is yet to come…What could better symbolise all those things than the masterpiece of the Iranian crown jewels itself, The Pahlavi Crown.
Few things in Iranian culture are as iconic or instantly recognisable as the Pahlavi Crown, it has graced the cover of Life magazine, starred in novels and is almost as familiar to those who live far from our great nation as it is to Iranians themselves, as much for what it represents as its unique and beautiful form. With a frame of gold and silver, set upon the finest red velvet, the crown is emblazoned with a staggering 3,380 diamonds, the largest of which lies at the centre, a 60 carat yellow diamond forms the heart of a sunburst of white diamonds. Reaching 30cm in height and weighing over 2 kilos, 369 of the finest pearls and five impressive emeralds sit upon the apex. The Pahlavi crown motif emblazons our jewellery and accessories for other reasons than the purely aesthetic of course, and despite its beautiful finery, its meaning and what it has represented for us as a company and the Iranian people over time, is just as powerful.

LIFE magazine June 18, 1951


Upon its ascension to the throne, back in 1925 the Pahlavi dynasty commissioned a selection of the very best Iranian jewellers under the supervision of Haj Serajeddin Javaheri to design and create a new crown, to replace the one used by the outgoing Qajar dynasty. Inspiration was taken from the art and historical references of the Sasasian Empire which ruled Persia from 224 to 651 AD, the last native dynasty to rule before the Arab conquest.
Cave portraits and other art dating to around 241 to 272 AD in Neyshabur show the ruler of the time, Shapur. I adorned with a very similar crown, while other rulers of this period in Iran’s rich history such as Bahram. I and Anahita both wear crowns of a similar unique shape and style in other cave portraits.
So, we can see that the Pahlavi crown takes its inspiration from history, just the same as we, at Kiani Concept take our own inspiration from the Pahlavi Crown. While we cannot pretend to be as noble, gracious or well known as our illustrious Royal family, we certainly take an immense sense of pride in our heritage and in our passion to create jewellery and accessories that enable our clients to do exactly the same. Looking forever forward, with an immense sense of pride in our past.

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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