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In the world dedicated to beauty, fashion plays a very important role. Fashion is something that everyone deals with on daily basis. Fashion is what catches people’s eye . Just like the everyday world, fashion is also affected by different era. Did you know that Ray Ban sold more after the Movie “Men in Black” and also”Top Gun” which brought back the trend of aviator sunglasses? Similarly, the oversized sunglasses and the pillbox hats from the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy time.
Iran, a country of rich culture, heritage and unique fashion, is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.
Kiani Concept was born based on this uniqueness, Founded by Saman Taherpour in 2014 and soon became the symbol of endless truth in the world of technology.
With the touch of royalty and flair for history, the contemporary jewelry and accessories collection at Kiani Concept became what no one could see – a bridge between the past and the future.

As Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi said: “Maybe they (Contemporary Iranian artists) know how much I was involved in culture and artists. It touches me very much when I hear about young people born after the Revolution who have sympathy and affection towards us. It tells me that the seeds one plants with love and care never die. I am a part of Iran’s history, after all.”
Empress Farah Pahlavi gave Iran not only her lifetime but brought a wave of beautiful and unique fashion sense in the country, From her Yves Saint Laurent wedding dress to her Chanel and Dior dresses. She has brought modernity to Iran while maintaining the tradition Iranian culture.
Kiani Concept offers you a huge range of premium jewelry, accessory line and collection of royal silk scarves, approved by her imperial highness.
Kiani Concept brings the royal glamour back to the fashion. From imperial scarves to pendants, cuff links and more. Many years ago, Saman got this vision from browsing through his mother’s old fashion magazines. He turned this vision to fashion and use of premium materials and high-end gems. The Kiani Concept products are symbols themselves. One can always demonstrate his/her heritage and be proud, regardless it is Swarovski Crystals Empress Crown brooch or the exclusive Royal Imperial scarves or the exclusive silk flag for his/her desk.

Join us and be a part of History

Kiani Concept

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