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The Imperial Card Holder

The Imperial Card Holder” It is a rare thing in these modern times to enjoy the bespoke quality of a handmade product in everyday life. That is something we at Kiani Concept always seek to change and The Imperial Card Holder does exactly that. With it, we have combined traditional

The Empress Farah Pahlavi Crown Earrings

The Empress Farah Pahlavi Crown Earrings” Do you want to feel like royalty? Most ladies do. It’s a lofty goal to aim for, but with the right jewellery, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility.To celebrate the story behind the earrings, we go to a topic that is the same for common

The Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi’s Crown

The Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi’s Crown” The story of The Empress Of Iran, Farah Pahlavi’s Crown is the story of a life devoted to love and service. The love of a man for his wife and the devotion to each other and to an entire nation. This story and the inspiration

The Lion and Sun Flag Brooch

“The Lion and Sun Flag Brooch” At Kiani Concept we are often asked what inspires us to design and create the accessories we share with the world. Our answer is always the same; the single thing that defines us, binds us all together and gives us pride and belonging, Our Heritage. For

One Nation, One Love, One King

“One Nation, One Love, One King” Every life is worth remembering, yet some are extraordinary enough to leave their mark on history and as such are celebrated throughout time. Our late King, His Imperial Majesty Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr Shahanshah of Iran is just such an icon and on Oct. 26th we commemorated

The KC Turquoise collection

“The KC Turquoise collection” The designs that you begin with always have a special place in your heart…Five years have flown by so quickly, yet it was then that some of our very first designs left the pages and became something more, something real and as our organisation grew, so did our

The Pahlavi Crown Brooch

“The Pahlavi Crown Brooch” Many things can define a nation, a people and a way of life, for some it might be food, for others it might be music, whilst some others might think of a famous building or landmark. At Kiani Concept we asked ourselves this same question. Which single

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