Kiani Concept

Kiani Concept

Kiani Concept was founded in 2014 by Saman Taherpour in Sweden. The brand specializes in contemporary jewelry and accessories, emphasizing perfectionism and precision in every aspect, from meticulous attention to detail to the selection of premium materials.

The essence of Kiani Concept lies in the seamless blend of classic and modern elements, where historical influences intertwine with futuristic visions. Each piece bears Saman’s signature flair, infused with a regal touch and a deep appreciation for history.

This fusion of past and present results in designs that not only reflect timeless truths but also resonate with the fast-paced world we live in. Kiani Concept’s creations serve as symbols of elegance and sophistication, embodying the enduring allure of both tradition and innovation.

Kiani Concept is a registered  Swedish company.

Our Story

From an early age, Iranian-born Saman Taherpour felt a deep passion for ancient Iranian history and cultural fashion. His journey began when he stumbled upon his mother’s collection of fashion magazines, opening the door to a world where history and design intertwined like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

This encounter sparked a lifelong love affair.

Saman soon realized the intrinsic value of preserving cultural heritage and national pride, particularly in the context of Iran’s rich history. He understood that certain objects held immense significance and deserved to be safeguarded for future generations. For him, the ultimate tribute to Iran’s golden age was through the art of design. By meticulously selecting premium materials and crafting exquisite jewelry and accessories, Saman sought to pay homage to the symbols of ancient history and the vibrant tapestry of Iran’s cultural heritage.

In Saman’s worldview, history serves as a guiding light, illuminating our path and shaping our identity. Your unique style becomes a canvas through which this heritage is expressed, each accessory telling a story deeply rooted in our collective past. He encourages individuals to actively engage with their history, embracing it as a part of their identity and wearing it proudly for the world to see.


“Maybe they (contemporary Iranian artists) know how much I was involved in culture and artists. It touches me very much when I hear about young people born after the revolution who have sympathy and affection towards us. It tells me that the seeds one plants with

love and care never die.

I am a part of Iran’s history, after all.”

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Farah Pahlavi


Kiani Concept have been featured in several global media channels.

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