Kiani Concept

Kiani Concept

Kiani Concept was founded in 2014 by Saman Taherpour. The contemporary jewelry and accessories line is all about perfectionism and precision to the smallest details with the perfect choice of material.  Classic meets modern in the mix of history and future, recurring symbols of timeless truths in a fast moving world. His signature flair, throw all of his designs with the touch of royalties and his love for history.

Kiani Concept is a registered Swedish company.

Our Story

From an early age, Iranian born Saman Taherpour felt passionate about ancient Iranian history and cultural fashion. By finding his mother collection of fashion magazines and discovering the beauty of history and design, he felt like being on a treasure hunt.

This sparked a lifelong love story.

Saman realized that some objects are so important that they must be preserved, especially when it comes to national heritage and cultural pride. The best way to honor this love for Iran and its golden age is through design. By choosing premium material and creating high quality jewelry and accessories all inspired by symbols of our ancient history and our rich and colorful heritage.

In Saman’s world, history is telling us who we are and where we are headed. Your unique style is telling a story about that heritage. Actively demonstrate your history by being a part of it and wear it proudly.


“Maybe they (contemporary Iranian artists) know how much I was involved in culture and artists. It touches me very much when I hear about young people born after the revolution who have sympathy and affection towards us. It tells me that the seeds one plants with

love and care never die.

I am a part of Iran’s history, after all.”

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Farah Pahlavi


Kiani Concept have been featured in several global media channels.

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