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At Kiani Concept our contemporary jewellery and accessories are much more than just items to wear. They are designed with passion and love and made with pride. They say as much about the person who crafted them as they do about the person who wears them.They are personal in every sense, when we share them it feels special…
Moments in time can mean the same thing and sharing those is equally as special, so when our founder and guiding light Saman Taherpour celebrated a very special day this January, we felt that it was only right to do the same; to share it with the world. A 40thbirthday comes around just once in a lifetime so why feel sorry for the loss of youth when the years have made you who you into the man you are? The experiences, the joys and the triumphs, all of it is worth gathering together and sharing memories, looking forward to the years to come and spending time with friends, clients and loved ones, and of course to do all of that in style, because you only turn 40 once!
Saman was born at a turbulent time in his treasured nation’s history, amidst the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the departure of our much-loved monarch Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi on the very day of his birth. It is no coincidence that the deep pride that our founder and everyone else at Kiani Concept feels is mirrored in everything we create, it was there from the very first day and always will be. Now, 40 years later his achievements and those of his company have risen beyond every expectation; always with a firm belief that every one of us has a mission in life and we should fulfil it in the best possible way, much like the Shah, an inspiration to all.
And so…on the evening of January 19th,2019 the doors were thrown open and the celebrations began. Afsaneh Nazari, the Stockholm based wedding and party planner, and long-time friend of Kiani Concept as always created an unforgettable event with a theme of royal blue with the gold crown emblazoned on every decoration, the singing and entertainment was equally impressive, taken care of by the renowned singer Shahryar. Special friends and families from all over the world attended, including journalist and TV presenter Afshin (Upozit) and the famous showman Artin from Radio Shemroon. The celebration cake crafted by friend and artist Oksana inspired by the King’s crown and the Iranian lion and sun…what else?

To truly celebrate the occasion with everyone, Kiani Concept is offering many of our most popular pieces and accessories in very special sale a for a limited time, to celebrate Saman’s first 40 years and to look forward, with style, with pride and a smile; to the many more years to come…

Sale up to 50%

Join us and be a part of History

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