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In our KC boutique you’ll find a range of products which have all been designed by us with high attention to details and the perfect choice of material. KC stays true to its historical roots, influenced by the glory days of Iranian history as it stood throughout the ages. We honor the legacy of our past while acting as the pioneers of the future of fashion. 

Join us and be a part of history.

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Derafsh Kaviani Flag Pin By Kiani Concept
Tajvar Pin
Tajvar Vintage Pin
پرچم ایران
Crystal flag brooch
Narrow scarves
Shah ring
Empress necklace
Crystal flag ring
Royal belt
Crystal lion
دکمه سرآستین
Coat Of Arms brooch
KC Cufflinks Collection
Silk Scarves Collection

A unique piece of history that will enhance your style or home!

Pride that lasts forever, from generation to generation.

KC designs

have the ability to tell a story about one's heritage, history and values.

Celebrate you

or give the ultimate gift with our unique designs.

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